Sous Chef / Production Chef

  • Full Time
  • Toronto
  • 1200 - 1400

Lakeside Catering Services

Job description

Lakeside Catering Services is a company committed to building an enjoyable and supportive work environment for our kitchen staff teams. Lakeside provides excellent food service to children’s summer camps throughout Central Ontario.

We provide food and housing for our staff. Lakeside serves food for 200-700 people at multiple remote locations each summer.

Lakeside Catering Services offers a seasonal opportunity to enjoy working amongst nature while refining your food preparation skills.

We offer a variety of contracts between May and September depending on location.

Most contracts run from June till August.

Why Join Us
Competitive Pay: $1,200.00 – $1,400.00 per week ($1140-$1340/weekly + $60/week bonus upon completion of contract).
Free Room and Board on site.
Access to camp activates on time off.
Guaranteed raises for returning staff.
Emphasis on internal promotions for returning staff.

Location Details

Please Note these locations are out of the city and some are very remote. The positions require you to live on site for the entire duration of your contract.

Room and board are provided.

Chef Responsibilities:

Our Sous Chefs and Productions Chefs are some of our most important positions, and thus they are people we hire with great care. It is a challenging position both mentally and physically but is also one of the most rewarding.

We require a variety of management and technical skills:

Management Responsibilities:
Mathematical food quantity calculations
Inventory Management
Management of staff from diverse backgrounds
Professional interpersonal skills for dealing with clients, parents, and children
Intricate knowledge of special diet needs
Confidence in delegation
Confidence in teaching tasks to other staff members

Technical Responsibilities:
A general knowledge of scratch cooking is necessary. (Soups, sauces, meats, vegetables etc.)
Large quantity cooking experience is a plus. (This can be learnt on location).

Is willing to relocate for the duration of their contract
Excellent work ethic
Confidence in management tasks
Good technical skills
Willingness to adapt to the unique challenges of a camp setting
A minimum of 2 years of combined experience as a cook or sous chef


$1,200.00-$1,400.00 per week ($1140-$1340/weekly + $60/week bonus upon completion of contract).

Job Type: Seasonal
Contract length: 2-3 months

Pay: $1,200.00-$1,400.00 per week

Discounted or free food

Cooking: 7 years (required)
Sous Chef or Kitchen Manager: 2 years (required)

Work Location: In person