Mobile Quality Assurance Engineer

Think Dirty®

Company Description

Think Dirty® is a mobile app that simplifies reading cosmetic and personal care product labels. Our goal is to empower ingredient-conscious consumers by providing an easy-to-use tool to learn about potentially toxic ingredients and make healthier choices for their health and the environment.

We have received recognition for our innovative approach, including being named Top 50 Most Innovative Workplaces by The Elevated Awards and winning the Mastercard Women Entrepreneurship Competition. Think Dirty® was also featured on the US App Store and invited to pitch on Dragons’ Den Season 13.

We are looking for a passionate QA Engineer to join an excellent cause for consumers. Would that be you? We’re seeking a skilled QA Engineer with a solid manual and automated testing background. The ideal candidate will be responsible for conducting comprehensive regression testing and developing automation strategies to enhance testing efficiency and coverage. This role demands a proactive approach to identifying defects, documenting results, and collaborating with development teams to ensure robust software solutions.

Role Description

This is a full-time remote role for a Software Quality Assurance Analyst. The analyst conducts quality assurance tests, ensures software functionality meets user requirements, identifies and documents software defects, and provides improvement recommendations. The analyst collaborates with cross-functional teams, such as developers and product managers, to ensure high-quality software delivery.

Job Responsibilities

  • Design and develop an automated test system for a mobile application and server backend 
  • Identify, record, document thoroughly, and track bugs.
  • Could you perform thorough regression testing when bugs are resolved?
  • Develop and apply testing processes for new and existing products.
  • Plan, create, and manage the overall Quality Planning strategy.
  • Could you collaborate with the development team to ensure consistent project execution? Assisting with Android and iOS Development when necessary 
  • Investigate the causes of non-conforming software and train users to implement solutions.
  • Stay up-to-date with new testing tools and test strategies.
  • Verify features that the development team has developed 
  • Write agile stories for new features and document defects in the system 
  • Writing scripts for build automation and other internal tools with Python and Open AI APIs and other scripting languages

Required Skills

  • Immerse yourself in an actual startup environment. Learn the workings of a mobile application, from content management systems to mobile applications, and see the work you’ve done in production.
  • Meticulous attention to detail 
  • An understanding of what a good mobile application is 
  • Knowledge of modem QA testing methodology
  • Experience with test case management systems as an asset
  • Experience with CI systems is an asset
  • 2+ years of Knowledge of Python, Ruby on Rails, React, HTML, CSS, Javascript, WordPress, SQL, Postgres, TablePlus, Google Cloud, Amazon AWS
  • Software Quality Assurance, Test Management, and Analytical Skills
  • Experience in conducting quality assurance tests and documenting software defects
  • Strong knowledge of software quality standards and methodologies
  • Excellent problem-solving and troubleshooting skills
  • Proven experience as a Quality Assurance Engineer.
  • Strong knowledge of software QA methodologies, tools, and processes.
  • Experience writing clear, concise, and comprehensive test plans and cases.
  • Hands-on experience with automated testing tools.
  • Solid experience in scripting and regression testing.
  • Ability to document and troubleshoot errors.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Attention to detail.


  • Analytical mind and problem-solving aptitude.
  • Strong organizational skills.
  • Ability to work independently and remotely
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Operational experience is a plus.
  • Knowledge of WordPress is a plus.
  • Experience with automation testing tools like Waldo and TestLodge is a plus.
  • BSc/BA in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field.

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