Managing Director, WOW 1 DAY PAINTING

  • Full Time
  • Anywhere
  • 150 - 200


Are you prepared to revolutionize the franchise landscape?. At WOW 1 DAY PAINTING, we’re seeking a dynamic Managing Director who will spearhead our transformational journey, with exceptional and goal-oriented leadership.

With your direction, we’ll not only meet expectations, but shatter them, crafting scalable solutions that propel our franchise network to new heights.

We know the best people are referred, not recruited, and great people know other great people!. Is this you, or do you know someone that fits the description below?

“I am a high-energy, results-driven, and decisive leader.

People on my team know we play to win. I set clear and ambitious goals and don’t let anything get in our way of achieving them.

I develop my people to be their best and to work hard to grow our business – to believe in and realize the possibilities we set. I leverage my financial acumen to take full responsibility for profitable revenue growth.

Throughout my career, I’ve led decentralized organizations and immersed myself in operational excellence, anticipating market trends and embracing new technologies and strategies.

I don’t just set strategic direction—I drive the vision forward, executing initiatives that yield tangible, game-changing results.

Through a customer-centric approach, I prioritize driving a marketing lead funnel and investing in franchise sales to attract new owners, expand our reach to new markets and provide our exceptional services to new customers. Leveraging strategic marketing initiatives and targeted sales efforts, I expand our reach and attract franchise owners who align with our growth vision.

I consistently drive success through the power of clear, effective communication and nurturing relationships.

Whether it’s with current or potential customers, existing or prospective Franchise Partners, or team members, I know the value of providing unwavering support, clear direction, and essential resources to ensure thriving within our network. I excel at making complex concepts understandable, aligning business needs with technology solutions, and creating an environment where open communication and collaboration drive teamwork and success.”

In this vision, we see a future where we, as leaders, think big, innovate relentlessly, and foster a culture where everyone is inspired to achieve greatness.

This is the journey we’re on, and we’re seeking a Managing Director who shares this ambition, ready to make waves and redefine what’s possible together. If you’re a visionary leader who thrives on innovation, is passionate about challenging norms, and is committed to driving tangible results, we want to talk to you!