Commercial Drone Pilot Tester

  • Full Time
  • Anywhere

Company Description

ClearSpot is a technology company focused on advancing the field of Edge AI with an emphasis on computer vision. Our technology enables devices to analyze and interpret visual data on-site in real-time, allowing for rapid, informed decisions without the latency of cloud-based systems. Our solutions in Edge AI are designed for environments with limited connectivity, ensuring reliability and responsiveness.

Role Description

This is a remote volunteer role for a Commercial Drone Pilot Tester. The Commercial Drone Pilot Tester will pilot drones, test UAVs, and provide training. The candidate will be involved in day-to-day drone piloting tasks, testing software and hardware, and helping improve commercial drones’ performance and safety.


  • Drone Piloting and UAV skills
  • Experience in piloting commercial drones
  • Training skills in drone piloting

Relevant skills and qualifications that would be beneficial include knowledge of drone hardware and software, expertise in UAV technology, and experience in commercial drone quality assurance and safety protocols.